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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 28, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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how fast the car was going impact. disturbing new i a horrific head-on crash in a bay area neighbor head leaves a person dead. how fast the car was going upon impact. distissuing new information on the teen girl hit and killed by a fire truck after the asiana plane crash and startling information we are learning about arrivals at sfo. good evening. a look at the go arounds on the asiana flight is revealing a disturbing trend. we got expert perspective on it, mike? >> reporter: the report was in the san francisco chronicle. the asiana number of go arounds we have been hearing about lately and it is either smart
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piloting or big mistakes. >> sfo, they call it a go around. did not involve asiana airline. >> plane approaching together, the larger one west and the they told him clear for the approach and go around. >> matthew is an aviation enthusiast. he comes to the end of the runways to watch planes land and listen to the control tower. >> clear to push 1420. >> reporter: go arounds were not known much about outside of aviation circles until the crash of flight 214 earlier this month. pilots called for one seconds before they crash landed. a do over of sorts. >> the whole process to keep everybody alive. >> reporter: nick is a former airline pilot and head of a pilot safety committee who, in a career, had half a dozen go arounds in a total. in a six week period in records were studied asiana called one
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for 6-8 times as much as might be expected. >> they are not sufficient. >> reporter: rely on automatic controls, he says, don't have enough training on hand ming a plane because, he says, they don't get enough training on go arounds. actually flying the plane. >> the crash should not of happened if they knew how to my. >> we could not get ahold of asiana airlines. they did not return our calls. >> reporter: it today we tracked a flight into sfo. as did faa controllers in the towers. and it looked like a perfect landing. two back wheels first and then the nose. just the way it is sup supposed to be done. >> the cap tan is not the first person to talk about this lack of training and he tells me that he suggested that the pilots get at least 100 hours
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of hand flying the plane without the automatic controls before he gets comfortable. >> there is a lot of the talk about the go arounds are other airlines doing it as well? >> reporter: well,s it happens to every airline, but as i mentioned there was, half a tkoz nen a 30 year career. it is rare -- dozen in a 30 year career. it is rare. half a dozen, eight times as many as other airlines, that is something that has to be looked at. >> yes. and i would assume people are looking at it. mike sugarman man, thank you. >> new details about the teenager killed after the crash. according to the san francisco chronicle at least four san francisco firefighters saw her on the ground and two of them, including a supervisor, thought she was dead. the chronicle reports that someone took the 16-year-old from the plane and laid her on the ground so firefighters who
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saw her say she was in the feetal position and not covered in foam. the investigation into her death is ongoing. a woman will is dead and two men are in the hospital after a speeding car went head on into a car which a male driver was going 100 miles an hour 2:30 this morning along washington boulevard. an officer spotted the car and then saw it hit another vehicle moments later. the speeding driver is is hospitalized as is the man driving the other car. the woman in the car that was hit died. a youth pastor and pregnant wife are among three people killed in a bus crash. the bus was carrying people from a church group when it overturned on a freeway in indianapolis. hall on the new details emerging about the crash. >> reporter: chad and courtney were expecting their second chill next monthful the youth pastor and his wife were killed on sided in a bus crash. worshipers gathered at the church in indianapolis on
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sunday to pray for them and chaperon, a mother of five who also died. >> they are with god in heaven right now we know that without a doubt. but we grieve the fact they are not here with us. we misthem. >> reporter: all three were killed saturday afternoon when a bus carrying the church's youth group tpheuled on the barrier less than two miles from home. 37 people on board, mostly children. returning from a week of camp in michigan. tonya went on the trip because her special needs son wanted to go. >> she wanted to go and make it a good week. and according to her husband it was a great week. >> dozens were hurt including a 2-year-old son. the witnesses say the scene was horrific. >> it flipped over. people crawling out of the bus, there were people who were injured, people who were dead, people who were hurt. >> reporter: other drivers say the bus was going very fast as it came off of the highway and then flipped. the police are trying to figure out what happened. the bus driver told the
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investigators that the brakes stopped working. back to you. a second body has been pulled from the hudson river after a boating accident involving a wedding party. the authorities in new york say it is 30-year-old mark lennon. the group's best man. he and the bride to be were thrown from the speedboat friday night after it slammed into a construction barge. it was dark at the time of the crash. four others including the groom were badly hurt. the driver of the boat is facing vehicle manslaughter charges. another american died following last week's train derailment in spain. the woman from houston died from her injuries, bringing the death toll from the crash to 79. a woman from virginia was also killed. the officials say 70 people are still in the hospital. moan while, the traoeufer of train appeared in the hospital today.
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he was charged with multiple cases of negligent homicide. 52-year-old calzone was arrested after the crash. traveling at more than twice the speed limit when the train went off of the track and smashed into a wall on wednesday. he'ders in washington say the u.s. needs to do something to calm the growing violence in egypt. as don knapp tells us t is because u.s. is at risk. -- it is because u.s. is at risk. >> reporter: recent violence in cairo left hundreds injured. clashes between the military and those opposed of the president. heroes like this one drawing thousands leading to more crashes. the military claims that they use tear gas for demonstrators. cbs reporter, ward, at a hospital out a different story. >> we counted 37 dead bodies in this room. the doctors tell us almost all of them have bullet wounds to
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the head, neck and heart. >> suggesting the military targets targeted demonstrators and shoots to kill. half a world away demonstrators in san jose protest the violence that may effect their own family members. >> the people are being shot right in their head, right if their necks, the injuries are not just random, trying to disburse the protesters they are trying to take them down, basically. >> i hope to get my voice heard for the american people and also to support my fellow egyptians in egypt. >> reporter: the military installed prime minister according to the associated press has given the military the right to arrest civilians in the prelude of a major crack down for supporters. >> i think obviously we need to play an important role in trying to calm the violence that is growing there. representative mike rogers on "face the nation" the u.s. must exhert influence because they have reason to be concerned. noting 5% of the world's oil
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and 8% of the trade pass through this canal. >> so, if this spills over and they lose control of egypt they will have economic impacts for us at home and clearly it is to the benefit of the entire region and world and the united states interests to have a calm and sustained democracy grow in egypt. >> reporter: egypt is described a key to the process of the middle east. one tells us the most chaosic they come the more harder it will be to restore democracy. >> where does the u.s. apply the pressure? >> well, the important point is the military. they are going to be doing the shooting, they are the ones that will be have to be restrained if democracy will have to move on. >> thank you, don. [music] it is one effort biggest turnouts ever for the pope. what the vatican hopes it it
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means for the catholic church. caught off guard, a massive mudslide buries two people in a car, it is what happened next that may shock you. the weather is shoveling around not in a bad way back to you. bloomy. a couple days away from august but we had a june tkpwhraoupl. looking at the bay bridge, highs in some spots in the upper 50s. the forecast is coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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see mass with pope francis his home continent. cbs reporter adriana diaz repor. the south american crowds a the largest re a papal mass. millions came to see pope francis on his home continent. the south america crowds are the largest turnouts for a mas. >> reporter: nearly the entire 2-1/2 mile stretch of the beach overflowed with the faithful on sunday. celebrating the last mass there before returning to rome. many camped out. this 48-year-old said that "i thank god i am alive to be able to experience this". >> do not -- >> pope encouraged people to spread faith. [speaking in foreign language] >> saying the church counts on
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you. the pope counts on you. a baby born with only part of her brain participated towards confession. they wore t-shirts that red stop abortion. >> they cheered when the pope announced the world youth day will be held in cracko. the fat can hopes it this is a sign that more catholics are returning to the church. >> coming here and experiencing all of this it is amazing. i love it. >> reporter: the pope met with latin-american and caribbean bishops urging him to be chose to the people. following the example that he already set. >> reporter: back to you. >> and worth youth day vol untears he expressed his gratitude. rains causes widespread flooding and traffic nightmares and then there is this. wait until you see what happened after this car was
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buried in a landslide. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what's even more amazing --n it finally stopped the men t out of the car and start running! torrential rains in northwest china are wreaking havoc on local hillsides... crops... and ople. fl a car buried by a landslide. what is more amazing, when the landslide stopped the men got out of the car and started running. flooding in china this year killed at least 337 people. more than 2are missing. well, searchers in north carolina found two people dead
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in rain filled creek. a 4-year-old and a 10-year-old girl were swept away in the current. they got up to a foot of rain yesterday. >> that is not the only thing with that kind of weather. >> good to see you. >> good to see you as well. rough weather in every part of the country including hawaii. >> really? >> yes. over to the weather map. things have been very, very strange. our weather, obviously, cooler, cloudy, we will get to that in a second. look at what is out west and far west out towards hawaii or the pacific. today, the wettest day in philadelphia history. in a span of five hours philadelphia got more than seven inches of rain. there was widespread flash flooding. let's talk about hawaii because all of the way out towards hawaii every single island in hawaii right now is under a tropical storm warning with wind gusts of 60 to 65 miles an
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hour. tropical storm flossie. that is the storm heading directly towards the big island. windy, wet, with very, very rough surf coming up. >> making our weather around here seem ho-hum. >> the city is cloudy. highs today for much of the city, in the 50s. 65 in oakland. concord, 76. livermore, 78. livermore, oefpb a slide temperature wise, it made it all of the way inland. talking about going to 95 from four days ago down to 82 for a high today. that is a big drop. overnight tonight. widespread cloud cover. fog, drizzle, lows in the middle 50s for san francisco, oakland, 76. mountain view, 76. two reasons for the gloomy weather. south and west. going onshore flow.
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thursday and friday. that is going to move out. another area of low pressure, moving in. this will kick up on the onshore flow. 58 degrees right now. we will be below average, cloudier, all of the way through thursday. will not be back to norlal. a lot of drizzle, fog, cloud cover. it bottoms out. taking 3-4 days to get back to normal. it will not happen. look at the highs tomorrow, only 61, san jose, 74, that is 9 degrees below average. going into the high of 72%. fremont, upper 60s. now, look at inland temperatures, 76, pleasantton, 79. as i mentioned. low 60s, the city, oakland, 65. areas that are close to 100 will barely be below 90s. so, we bottom out tomorrow and before we get back. normally, it is all of the way inland. next weekend, though, looks different. much milder, sunnier, lack to
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the low 90s. >> chilly change for us. >> august already. >> yes. i know. all right, now, at one point i was checking scores and i saw both bay area teams losing at the point i checked. >> yes. but, different outcomes. >> yes. >> bottoming out is the key term. >> yes. oh, man! >> yes. the lead, a great story for the a's. giants d they catch a break? sports is next ,,,, mom... yes honey?
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cespedes to break out.. jarrod parker and the a's tg to take winning the home run derby was nice but the a's have been waiting for him to break out. parker and the a's trying to take 3 out of 4 against anaheim of the train wreck starts for parker. rifling one to the left. two runs score to make it 4-0. the angels add a run. getting 5-0. but, it was on. 2 outs in the 5th. he hitting it, a mile high. now, no idea where it is. a run scores. he had three hits and 4 runs batted in. now, 6-5 angels later in the 6th. now, bringing it in the sun. now, hamilton out. no way. they collide. praying to the sun gods tonight, working for the a's today. then, the a's offense, rolling. now, with the run-scoring hit. it must be the glasses.
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3-4 and got a shout out from the bullpen. later in the 6th. lowery goes down-the-line. scores easily. he kibes it around in the outfield. ends up on 3rd. they get it 10-6. allowing 9 walks, suddenly having 6 game lead over the rangers in the west. vern glen is on his way to washington, d.c. a visit to the white house where the giants look nothing like a team that won a world championship last year. great grandma spending her 88th birthday at a t, and t park. now, travis, gets the third homer of the season. takes the hit. 1-0. grounds into a double- play. posey has not had a hit in six
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games. but, they pick up the team, marco skutero, getting it. now, tim struck him out. but, then his afternoon was ruined. getting one deep to left that put the cubs back up on top. unforgettable series. striking out 4 times on the day. they need help at 1st base. giants got a runner to 3rd. pops out to end the game. the cubs, sweep san francisco for the first time in 20 years. going 2-1 for the home stand. combined 3 runs, in the series,. gold cup final score, last minute, getting one to the net. lands it, kicks it over and buries it. the united states wins the gold
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cup. 6th gold cup title and first since 2007. bank of the west finals. rameka, looking to topple it after losing the first set. forcing a third set. still, a couple trailing. they don't get championship points, gets it 2 hours, 48 minutes to win the classic. the first title of 20then. give me the brickyard 400. now, jj, now, pumping the pace car. but, the fun and games ended after that. 17 points, 2 second pit stop. changing four tires for the last lap. costing him the lead. cashing in on the opportunity and ends the 49 win drought to get it. newman gets to kiss the bricks as he wins the brickyard 400.
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johnson finished 2nd. now, all they need to wins making this bogey putt on 18. bogey. collapsed. double bogeyed. getting a two-stroke lead going into the final. two holes in. hitting the tie. as you can see, preventing them from playing further. they will tee off once again at midnight our time. >> i want to thank the city right here san antonio! my bad. >> now, after the win last night in san antonio, not san diego. [ laughter ] remember that commercial. >> i do. i do. yes. >> yes. he was a little rattled. yes. >> good night ,,
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>> glor: tonight, mass gatherings. an extraordinary scene in rio as millions turn out for the finale of the pope's historic trip to south america. adriana diaz was there. underwater, the rain still coming down in north carolina, more than a foot has fallen already. to catch a thief, $53 million in jewels, swiped during an armed robbery in daylight at cannes. armed robbery in daylight at cannes. >> charlie d'agata reports. >> and a father's love. four months after his son's suicide, pastor rick war returns with a deeply personal message. >> my son was robbed of his life by mental illness.